He said he loved her, but she wasn’t worth the risk…
The risk of being a part of the disease
… bearing her and her struggles
… owning the scares she managed
He wanted to be with her, but it wasn’t worth the risk…
The risk of being with all of her
… the parts he knew that were flawed
… those imperfections without a cure
He would kiss her in the dark, but it wasn’t worth the risk…
The risk of letting the world see
… that he could love such a thing
… that he slept with the damaged girl
He needed to let her go, but it wasn’t worth the risk…
The risk of telling her in private
… in a room so she could cry
… to avoid hearing her heart break
He finally pushed her away enough times that she knew…
It wasn’t worth the risk again
… for her to be vulnerable to someone else
… for her to love another as she risked loving him
All Rights Reserved 2017© by Annie<><

Owned by Pieces 

I tried to fit your hand in mine, but it wasn’t working…

You could have asked for the shirt off my back and I’d cut out my shoulder for you just in case…

Our lives are short but the connection I had with you in that moment long ago has become shorter…

Me, raised in torn up blue jeans, dirt and with a wild restless heart…

And you, loving your concrete paradise, trees of buildings and selfish games…

Wanting you on repeat now only plays with a melancholy sound…

Multiplied by hallucinations my notes begin to speak you away…

Every second wind I was given to endure you has now led me to the point that I no longer care to breathe.

Soon I will come to forget all of the pieces of you,

But rest assured that no matter how you try to change it there will always be a piece of me in everything you do.

All Rights Reserved 2017© by Annie<><



Your eyes see me with my flaws

Like the signs on the roads traveled.

Both of us free but completely chained

With my confident choices rattled.

Perfect strangers is our memories

Now I’m lost in past moments faded.

Both of us friends but Lover’s foes

And tangled bodies anchor us jaded.

Your words have potent syllables

We muzzle our feelings with silence.

You and I, forever suffering inside

Corroding in our love’s mental violence.

All Rights Reserved 2017© by Annie<><

Her Gnash

Cuts stricken so swift and abysmally

Inside hers were bones of silence

She had the thickest skin thinned
By Lonesome’s quiet violence
Angels whispering “It’s all right”s
Constructed her gilded cages
Her crowns of ice were placed
Dancing on thrones and empty stages
Passings broke her into pieces
Hers were burdens stained inside
Of struggled pains finally forgiven
A solo artist at her finest she finds

All Rights Reserved 2017© by Annie<><

Logical Lesson


You longed to be in her presence
Once you looked at her as a dime
She stood in brilliant radiance
And you both made each other sublime
Unfortunately she was damaged
All your views began to skew
Now she was simply not enough
Just another pebble in your shoe
She held no value to you now
Like a penny with hole inside
To love her only carried risk
And a storm broke inside your mind
She was created without discord
And in the image of every season
You’ve yet to find another as her equal
But can’t get passed your logical reason
She moved like a skipping stone
Smiling without malice or regret
Connecting pieces inside of you
You never knew could even connect
You gave her cloud nine to stand on
Saying that she was your girl
Then let gravity teach her a lesson
Watching her fall back alone to the world

All Rights Reserved 2017 © by Annie<><



You can’t ever touch me again
I’ve become a free falling soul
Raining down like the bullets
On that day at the Grassy Knoll

Your kind words are cheap
I’ve already ripped out the stitches
That rendered your initials
Left by your Judas kisses

Your silence can die with you
On your dandelion victim rides
When omitting the information
Is your pathetic form of lies

You’ll want my wings as I fall
Thinking you too would love to trip
Always wanting to be what I am
But you… I will soon forget

All Rights Reserved 2016© by Annie Darby

Well Played


Aren’t we all…
She is patient for her scares to heal.
Soon, they will grow feathers on them too.
So, how dare you pull at the strings of her heart.
Shame on you for tangling her wings!
She broke in your hands;
Mangled and torn to no recognition.
Your selfish acts occur on que,
To steal her of her last breaths.
Everything said simply digs the precipice,
And you leave her to fall in…
After she stumbles on the words you laid out…
Beneath the darkness you stole her light from…
Traced in the vagueness of your changes…
Guiding her with empty implications…
Without a notice of her shoe laces you tied…
And then witnessing her fall,
But you stand back and say,
“She must have tripped…”
Victims… Aren’t we all…